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Oticon Hearing Aid


Oticon is a Danish company who pride themselves in their “People first” philosophy. Founded in 1904, they believe in providing a natural sound through their devices. They promote tailoring individual hearing solutions to users’ needs to empower them to live the life they want.

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Based in Switzerland from their beginnings in 1946, Bernafon is a company who strive to design innovative solutions for those with hearing restrictions. Their mission is to develop quality devices which enable users’ to enjoy stimulating hearing and communication experiences.

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Bernafon Hearing Device
Phonak Hearing Aid


Phonak is a Swiss company which has been developing hearing innovations for over 60 years. Their ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life of hearing device users. They do this by understanding the challenges hearing impaired individuals have, and continuously challenging the limits of technology to find solutions for them.

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Signia was formerly known as Siemens hearing instruments. Traditionally German engineered, they have now moved their headquarters to Singapore. They supply hearing devices to 120 different countries. They have been developing hearing aids for over 140 years to help those with hearing loss.They are known for leading innovation in hearing aids with many firsts including wireless communication between left and right ears and leading the way in rechargeable smart design. Product families produced by Signia include the Pure X, Silk X, and Styletto X. Click here to read a review on the Signia Xperience range.

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Starkey Hearing Aid


Starkey is an American company founded in 1967. They are renowned for their pioneering design of very small custom hearing devices. They focus on improving the hearing lives of people all over the world, and continue striving to make positive changes in the lives of those with hearing loss.

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