What is Ear Wax Removal?

Earwax has the medical name cerumen, and it is made up of natural secretions such as oils, dead skin cells and dust particles that find their way into your ears. While earwax usually comes out on its own, there are some cases where it becomes impacted. The causes could include hearing devices blocking the wax from leaving the ear canal, or at-home ear cleaning techniques such as the use of cotton tips.

The symptoms of impaction include various forms of discomfort such as a sense of fullness, itching and difficulty hearing - although it’s important to note that hearing loss may have many other potential causes.

Impacted earwax is a frequent concern, infact, it is one of the most common ear related conditions seen by GPs. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about and it can be removed using a simple microsuction.

Ear Wax Removal
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There are various methods of ear wax removal, including irrigation and at-home remedies. For example, ear candling. However this has been shown to have no clinical effectiveness, and can have various risks to the person using it, such as burns.

Microsuction is often recommended or necessary for certain cases and clients, for example immuno-compromised people or people with diabetes. This is because it is a very gentle method of ear wax removal, and it is completely dry. This lowers risk of damage to the eardrum or of infection within the ear canal. It is also conducted by a trained audiologist in a sterile environment.

It’s important to discuss the best option for you with your doctor or directly with an audiologist to ensure that you are choosing the best care pathway for your ear wax removal.

How Does Microsuction Work?

Microsuction uses two main medical devices, a microscope and a medical suction device.

First you will be required to use appropriate ear drops 3-4 days prior to your appointment. This will help soften and lubricate the earwax making it easier to remove.

The clinician will use the microscope to investigate your ear canal, they will use a speculum placed at the entrance to your ear canal to assess the blockage and identify the best path for removal.

They will then use the suction device, which is a small scoop attached to a straw, to utilise gentle pressure in order to suck out and remove the impacted earwax.

Although microsuction is considered to be minimally invasive, our highly trained audiologists are very careful while performing this procedure. It should be associated with little to no discomfort. To ensure you feel safe and comfortable during the wax removal process, our friendly audiologists will check in with you regularly in case you require any breaks.

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