When’s the right time to get a Hearing test?

Many people delay getting a hearing test (often for years!) because they don’t think they really need one yet.
Here are some of the common signs of hearing loss. If any of these are familiar, then we recommend getting your hearing tested.

phone calls

Preferring text messages or email because it’s hard to hear on the phone.

TV volume

Turning the TV volume up louder and louder.

Hearing loss

Avoiding noisy environments like cafes because it’s hard to hear.

Withdrawing from conversations and social events

Fatigue – trying to hear all day feels exhausting.

Often asking people to repeat themselves

Asking people to repeat themselves because you didn’t catch what they said first time.

Our qualified audiologists in South Morang can administer a thorough hearing test to help you understand any changes in your hearing.

How Can Active Audiology Help?

Hearing Tests

A hearing test is a gentle, non-invasive process. We ask you to listen to a series of sounds at different volumes and pitches and measure your response to them. Our South Morang audiologists then interpret the results, explain the findings to you and advise you on possible next steps.

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