Adult Hearing Tests (Private)

Hearing loss and tinnitus can affect people of all ages.

Adult Hearing Tests

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss does not need to be severe for you to have it tested by a qualified Audiologist. Most people ‘put up’ with mild hearing loss but don’t realise that others around them have noticed a change in their behaviour.

These changes can include:

  • Speaking with a loud voice
  • Having the TV volume up loud
  • Constantly asking others to repeat themselves, especially in noisy backgrounds


Tinnitus is described as any kind of sound coming from inside the ear. This is often a high pitched ringing or whooshing noise. People can experience tinnitus to varying degrees of severity for different many reasons. Tinnitus can sometimes be the first sign of hearing loss; in fact hearing loss and tinnitus often come together. If you experience tinnitus, a good first step to take is to have your hearing assessed.

At Active Audiology, our Audiologists perform full diagnostic hearing assessments. They will go through the results with you and help to narrow down the likely cause of hearing loss or tinnitus. This allows them to give appropriate recommendations on how to manage any difficulties you may be having.


What our Patients have to say about Adult Hearing Tests

“I have a high frequency hearing loss which often distorts what I hear, so hearing aids are helpful. I also suffer with tinnitus which can at times be quite uncomfortable and annoying. When I changed my audiology provider I found Cris Ivanidis to be particularly empathetic to my needs. He has been most helpful in the setting and adjustment of my hearing aids and in addressing the problems associated with tinnitus management ”




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