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Bluetooth hearing aids- Convenient connectivity and advanced hearing

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that unites two different devices together. This has revolutionised the way we hear and the way hearing aids work. The latest digital hearing aids have advanced and sophisticated Bluetooth technology. The Bluetooth is built into the hearing aid. This means you can ‘pair up’ your hearing aid with your mobile phone, music player, laptop or a TV adaptor directly with no wires or fiddly remote controls. There are many models now available with this technology. This Bluetooth technology means hands free phone connectivity and stereo sound quality for music and TV.

Superior Connectivity for Better Hearing

Bluetooth hearing aids offer superior connectivity. What exactly does this mean and how do you access the technology? The first step is to ensure your new hearing aid has Bluetooth. Your audiologist will help you to ‘pair up’ your hearing aid with the device you would like to stream sound from. For example, your hearing aid will be paired with your smart phone. The audio signal from the smart phone can then stream straight into your hearing aids. This means, you will hear the speaker on the phone directly in both ears with a quality audio signal tailored to your hearing.

Bluetooth hearing aids are now available in a variety of sizes and styles from tiny customised devices that fit in the ear to more comfortable open fit options. At Active Audiology, we offer all styles and brands of top quality Bluetooth hearing aids across Melbourne.

Use Bluetooth to stream phone calls directly from your smart phone to your hearing aids for superior sound quality and convenience

Use Bluetooth to listen to your favourite music streamed directly into your hearing aids from your smart phone or laptop.

Use a Bluetooth accessory to feed the audio directly from the TV into your hearing aids. You can use your smart phone to control the volume.

Tailored Hearing Solutions

Aimed to serve you better, we offer bespoke hearing solutions and advice that precisely cater to your hearing needs. Furthermore, we are an independent audiologists in Australia. This helps us in making unbiased recommendations to all our clients. As we are independent, we are free to explore all possible hearing aids from top brands available in Australia. This gives us the required proficiency to provide tailored individual solutions for every patient we see.
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Bluetooth hearing aid- Oticon Opn In the canal aid with Connect Clip

Oticon Connect Clip- an extra Bluetooth microphone for superior hearing in meetings and restaurants

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