Hesitant about a hearing test?

You’re not alone. Hearing loss can be a sensitive subject, triggering many complicated feelings about getting older or being left behind in conversations.

Often people who suspect they have a hearing loss wait years before they go for testing. Hearing loss can sometimes be a symptom of other serious health concerns. Acting earlier can prevent underlying issues from growing worse.

Hesitant about a hearing test

Symptoms of hearing loss

If you’re living with undiagnosed hearing loss, you may notice that you’re:

Finding it very hard to hear speech when there’s background noise (this is a key symptom)

Avoiding some social situations because you can’t tell what’s being said

Withdrawing from some conversations

Suddenly surrounded by mumblers!

Struggling during phone calls (because you need to see people’s faces to interpret their speech)

Having to ask people to repeat themselves or speak more slowly and clearly

Experiencing more tension in your close relationships

Turning the TV up higher than anyone else in the family

Tired and low on energy (your brain is exhausted by the effort of listening).

If that sounds like you, then hearing loss is already having an impact on your life. It’s not going to get better by itself.

A hearing test is the first step towards a proper diagnosis and a personalised treatment plan to help you engage confidently with the world again.

Hearing Test Cost
What’s involved in a hearing test?

A hearing test assesses which sounds you can hear across different pitches and volumes.

For you, a hearing test is usually as simple as sitting in a sound-controlled room and pressing a button when you hear a noise.

Hearing itself is complex though – addressing it requires far more than turning up the volume. When you come to one of our Melbourne clinics, you'll be seen by a qualified audiologist trained at an Australian university.

Your test results help us determine if you have any hearing loss and, if you do, its type and degree.

Why choose Active Audiology?

There are so many reasons but here are the top ones:


You’re getting high-quality care from university-trained audiologists, not TAFE-level audiometrists.


We’re one of the few independent audiology clinics in Melbourne. We’re not a shopfront for a hearing aid company – we’re a genuinely independent health service here to serve your needs.


We provide independent advice without pressure. We’re not here to close a sale because we’re not working on commission driven by a hearing aid maker. We never rush you into deciding about a hearing aid. As an independent audiologist, we provide impartial advice about whether or not you would benefit from a hearing aid and, if you would, which model is best suited to your hearing needs and lifestyle.


You’ll experience peace of mind and certainty through our clinical expertise and continuity of care.

If, deep down, you know your hearing needs testing, then please take the plunge. What have you got to lose?

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