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Signia was formerly known as Siemens hearing instruments. Traditionally German engineered, they have now moved their headquarters to Singapore. They supply hearing devices to 120 different countries. They have been developing hearing aids for over 140 years to help those with hearing loss.They are known for leading innovation in hearing aids with many firsts including wireless communication between left and right ears and leading the way in rechargeable smart design. Product families produced by Signia include the Pure X, Silk X, and Styletto X. Click here to read a review on the Signia Xperience range.

Manufacturer: Signia

Model: Xperience

Cost range: $2195 – $4195

PROS:  Signia Xperience is one of the world’s first hearing aids to have integrated acoustic motion sensors built within them. This new feature enables the device to detect the user’s movement (stationary, walking or running) and provides a stable input of sound with improved sound quality/clarity of speech coming from all directions within the listener’s environment. Signia’s “Own voice processing” feature allows your own voice to be recognized by the hearing aids which can deliver a more natural sound of the user’s voice.

The “Spatial Configurator” of these hearing aids has the flexibility of adjusting the direction of the microphones which can improve the listening comfort in different environments particularly in the presence of background noise. Being able to easily focus on the dominant speaker at a large meeting or gathering is now available with the new “Spatial speech focus” feature.

If you find communicating with family and friends challenging in outdoor environments Signia Xpereince is the solution for you. Its advanced “eWindScreen and EchoShield” technology enables it to automatically reduce wind noise and reverberation in various settings, improving the understating of speech and providing users with a stable listening environment.

Signia’s new “frequency compression” feature can improve the sound quality for users with a significant hearing loss by shifting speech sounds away from the damaged hearing areas into an audible range where hearing is more useful for the client.  Another good feature is their wireless compatibility with smartphones and TV’s, this improves the clarity of speech as sound will be heard in both ears at the same time. Users are also given the flexibility of adjusting their hearing aids through a smartphone App and an opportunity to access remote support and assistance via the Signia App.

Cons: Signia Xperience only available in RIC style

Who would this be ideal for? The Signia Xperience is suitable for anyone who is looking for an easy to manage device. If you are socially active and attend large meetings/gatherings, the Xpereince range will be fantastic for you. Call Active Audiology on 1300 364 007 for more information.

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