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The cost of hearing aids DOES NOT depend on your degree of hearing loss. What you spend on your hearing aids will depend on:

  • Your hearing results
  • Your lifestyle activities

Be aware, that spending more doesn’t necessarily get a a better result. You should only ever purchase hearing aids that contain the technical features that are relevant to your day to day activities. The best way to determine what you should pay for a hearing aid, is to come into Active Audiology and talk to one of our audiologists. We spend a considerable amount of time determining what sort of lifestyle factors would influence the right hearing aid choice for you. We go through each brand in detail and the what the differences are.

The price ranges below give an indication of what your hearing aids may cost based on your lifestyle/listening requirements.

Hearing aid performance and cost in different listening environments


Low Range Devices

Hearing DevicesWatching TV,
talking to partner


Mid Range Devices

Hearing Devices
Talking to grandkids,
family gatherings


High Range Devices

Hearing Devices
Large meetings,


Premium Range Devices

Hearing Devices
Work environment,
very socially active

*holders of pension cards or DVA Gold cards may be eligible for a further rebate of $1500 off this price range. Eligibility based on the Commonwealth Government hearing services criteria.

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