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Getting used to new hearing aids can take anywhere from a few hours to a few months depending on your hearing loss, the hearing aid type and your ability to adapt. It is important to understand that no matter how advanced your hearing aids are, they cannot restore your hearing to normal.

You can expect to hear and understand much more in a variety of situations. Socialising will become more enjoyable and your family and friends will certainly notice the difference.

Initially, certain sounds might seem rather loud or strange. This is because the brain has forgotten these sounds and needs to relearn how to process them.

Things that might surprise you:

  • Your own voice may sound different at first
  • Flushing your toilet might sound like a rushing river!
  • Your car will sound different now that you can hear the engine
  • Traffic noise will sound louder
  • You will hear the birds singing in the trees clearly
  • You may hear the rustling of leaves on trees


We recommend using our listening experiences sound diary to record your observations in a variety of environments to help you to acclimatize to hearing aids and to guide your Audiologist in the fine tuning process.

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