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Audiologists at Active Audiology have helped thousands of people in Melbourne feel confident about their hearing again. Unlike 80% of hearing clinics, we are a 100% independently owned audiology clinic in Melbourne. This guarantees you unbiased clinical advice and a solution that will work. Each audiologist is trained in the latest hearing technologies across all brands. We pride ourselves in providing Melbourne’s best audiology service to the local community and have been doing so for over 16 years. Come and see us at one of our Melbourne Audiology clinics in Balwyn, Burwood, Oakleigh, Altona, South Morang or Thornbury.

Why picking the right hearing aid is only HALF of the solution

Years of experience have proven to us that finding the right hearing device is only half of the solution. Once selected, your hearing aid needs to be set up correctly, adjusted and tuned to your personal hearing profile. This is the other half of the solution to getting the best hearing result that most people don’t realize!

Selecting the right device:

Our Melbourne audiologists are 100% unbiased in their selection of hearing technology for you. They are not commercially aligned to any one brand, which means the device prescribed is based solely on your clinical needs. We only fit genuine European designed and manufactured hearing aids with 35-day money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with your choice during that period, you can trial another technology or receive a refund for the cost of the device/s. Being an independent clinic, we have a wide variety of brands to choose from.

Making sure your hearing device is programmed perfectly for you

Investing in a hearing device without the correct programming, leads to poor results, frustration and discomfort. Our audiologists have the experience and knowledge required to fine-tune each device to its full potential. We guarantee you will experience all your device features, ensuring your investment is worthwhile and improves your hearing and overall life. Active Audiology only employs Australian trained and accredited audiologists. In most cases you will be seen by the same audiologist who gets to know your hearing profile. Our aim is to maintain continuity with your hearing health and achieve the most from your hearing device.

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