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Active Audiology is owned by audiologist Cris Ivanidis who believes the best hearing advice and solutions come through independent service. Active Audiology is a truly independent hearing clinic and we have no commercial alliances with any manufacturers. Being independent allows our audiologists to make unbiased recommendations so clients have the widest range of solutions available to them. It also means our audiologists are experienced in a large range of technology to tailor individual solutions for each person that we see.

The audiologists at Active Audiology are University trained clinicians. They understand that their role is much more than simply fitting hearing devices. At Active Audiology, our audiologists get to know our clients and their lifestyle, because listening to clients’ needs is what enables us to achieve the best hearing outcomes for our clients.



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Adult Hearing Test (Private)
Hearing loss and tinnitus can affect people of all ages.
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Free Adult Hearing Tests (Pensioners)
Active Audiology provide free hearing assessments, hearing devices and services to pensioners and veterans.
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Hearing Compensation
If you have a hearing loss and are working, or have worked in a noisy environment, then a free hearing check may be of benefit.
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Workplace Hearing Tests
Active Audiology can provide hearing tests as part of routine workplace medical tests.
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Hearing Tests For Children
Active Audiology conducts hearing tests for children between the ages of 4 years to 18 years old.
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Pre Employment Tests
Active Audiology can provide hearing tests as part of pre-employment assessments.
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The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is the new way of providing support for Australians with a permanent disability
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The old hearing aid with a hollow plastic tube from the ear piece to the hearing aid were very uncomfortable in the ear and were causing ear wax problems. The hollow tube on humid days would have moisture in them and had to be dried out. The new Resound aids are far superior to the others, they give a better quality sound. I am able to hear better in crowded rooms. They are comfortable to wear one tends to forget they are wearing them, my ear wax problem has improved. I used to visit an ear specialist every six weeks to get them cleaned out so far I have been over 12 weeks without having to visit the specialist. I am very happy with the staff and clinicians at Active Audiology. I am seen very promptly and when I request more batteries they arrive very quickly by mail. Overall I am very happy with the whole experience.
For quite some time I was experiencing loss of hearing. Circumstances with higher pitched voices, in crowded rooms, watching television etc. Nevertheless, I was hesitant to seek help because I had heard many instances of people being dissatisfied with their hearing aids after purchase despite a heavy cost being paid for them. When I read Active Audiology’s advertisement in our local paper, I was instantly drawn to it, and my follow-up appointment confirmed all my requirements. I am wholly satisfied with my hearing aids- they are small, comfortable and did not cost the earth. I was particularly impressed with Julia Yannakis, my Audiologist, who put me at ease immediately and settled all my concerns.
I have a high frequency hearing loss which often distorts what I hear, so hearing aids are helpful. I also suffer with tinnitus which can at times be quite uncomfortable and annoying.When I changed my audiology provider I found Cris Ivanidis to be particularly empathetic to my needs. He has been most helpful in the setting and adjustment of my hearing aids and in addressing the problems associated with tinnitus management. I have already recommended Cris to friends who are having difficulty with hearing situations. I consider Cris to be an exceptional practitioner with a support team who are always courteous.

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