Should I See an Audiologist?

Hearing loss can begin to present itself in numerous ways. Some of the most common include:

phone calls

Having trouble understanding people on the phone

Hearing loss

Finding it difficult to hear and understand what people are saying if there is background noise

TV volume

Frequently turning the TV up louder

Often asking people to repeat themselves

Asking people to repeat themselves more often

Feeling tired and low on energy

Feeling tired all the time, like you have no energy

Withdrawing from conversations and social events

Pulling away from friends and social situations

If you identify with those, you are already experiencing how hearing loss can impact your daily life.
Our audiologists in Altona will provide a thorough hearing test and recommend the best treatment plan to fit your specific needs.

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Identifying hearing loss and its severity is the first step in treating it. When you get a hearing test at our Altona clinic, our audiologists will be able to provide a comprehensive diagnosis to guide your treatment plan.

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