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Based in Switzerland from their beginnings in 1946, Bernafon is a company who strive to design innovative solutions for those with hearing restrictions. Their mission is to develop quality devices which enable users’ to enjoy stimulating hearing and communication experiences.

Product families produced by Bernafon include Alpha, Viron, Zerena and Leox. Click here for review on Viron

Manufacturer: Bernafon

Model: Viron

Cost range:  $1495 – $4695


The new Bernafon Viron hearing aids come in 5 different levels of technology and are also available in both rechargeable and non-rechargeable options. Its “Continuous Environment Detection” feature allows it to constantly monitor any changes in the listening environment and adjust the hearing aids according. This gives an uninterrupted and natural sound quality Bernafon’s “Dynamic directionality and noise reduction” features are available in the top Viron models. This technology keeps the sound as natural as possible whilst giving you excellent reduction of background noise. If loud busy environments are unbearable to listen to, Bernafon’s premium level hearing aids have an exclusive ” Dynamic range extender” feature with the ability to provide clear undistorted speech sounds in louder environments. Furthermore, users of Bernafon’s top two premium aid levels provide automatic noise reduction individually in the presence of large social gatherings background noise. With the “Binaural noise manager” background noise coming from the louder side is reduced whilst speech sounds coming from quieter side are amplified, allowing users to maintain the flow of conversations.

Cons: Bernafon Viron hearing aids not available in custom style hearing aids.


Who would this be ideal for? The Bernafon Viron is suitable for anyone who is looking for an easy to manage device. If you are socially active and attend large meetings/gatherings, this device will be fantastic for you. Call Active Audiology on 1300 364 007 for more info.

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