As Hearing Aid Specialists,
Active Audiology ensures you receive

Hearing Aid
The right device

As independent audiologists, we have no vested interest in selling you a particular brand – however we only fit the approved brands that are internationally recognised and researched.

Instead, we advise you on which hearing aid best suits your hearing needs and lifestyle.

At the right time
At the right time

If you’re not yet ready to wear a hearing aid, it’ll just end up in a drawer.

We don’t pressure you. But when you are ready, we give you all the advice you need to make the right choice.

Fitted and tuned in the right way
Fitted and tuned in the right way

Our clinicians complete monthly training to stay abreast of the latest technology releases across all brands.

A good hearing outcome comes from picking the right device and having it adjusted by an experienced clinician. The sound quality, comfort and look of a devices are what we spend time getting right for you.

Modern hearing aids in Melbourne

Forget the clunky devices your parents wore. Today’s hearing aids are smart and subtle devices.

They do far more than just amplify sound. They’re mini-computers that use artificial intelligence to boost some sounds (like speech) and reduce others (like background noise).

Some are controlled by your smartphone or connect to accessories that stream sound directly to your ears. Your hearing may now be better than anyone else’s in the room!

Modern hearing aid

Choose Active Audiology
for a hearing aid fitting in Melbourne

Active Audiology stocks 7 different brands of hearing aids. Every one of these manufacturers puts years of research and investment into creating cutting-edge technology to help people with hearing loss.

Our audiologists have trained for years to complete their degree or masters. Then we provide them with another 12 months intensive training in fitting and tuning hearing aids to ensure your device meets your needs.

We pride ourselves on selecting clinicians who are not just academically outstanding, but are motivated to continue their ongoing education in hearing health research.

You can book a hearing aid fitting in Balwyn, Burwood East, Altona, Thornbury, South Morang, Blackburn North or Oakleigh.

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