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Do I really need hearing aids?

This depends on if you have a hearing loss or not. Many people may not have difficulties hearing in one-to-one conversation, but notice problems in the group situations, or in the presence of background noise. If you have issues hearing in some situations, hearing aids may be able to help you address these problems. Have a read of our Blog article TOP 3 SIGNS YOU HAVE A HEARING LOSS to find out if you might have a hearing loss.

Will my hearing loss become worse if I don’t get hearing aids?

Delaying the use of hearing aids, which essentially deprives the ears of auditory stimuli, may lead to degradation of word recognition. In other words, the old ‘use it or lose it’ principle may apply here.  Fortunately, research indicates that this degradation may be reversible in some cases with hearing aids, demonstrating again the positive effects of hearing aids. To learn more about this see our Blog article HEARING IS LIKE YOUR MUSCLES: USE IT OR LOSE IT!.

How much are hearing aids?

Hearing aids can cost as little as nothing to about $11,990 for a pair. If you hold a Pension card or DVA Gold card, you may be eligible to receive free hearing services and hearing aids. If you have a hearing loss and are currently working or have worked in a noisy environment, you may be entitled for compensation of your hearing aids and other expenses.

Most people assume the worse their hearing, the more they have to spend. This is definitely not the case. The cost of your hearing aid will depend on how active your lifestyle is, not the degree of your hearing loss. There are literally hundreds of different hearing aid technologies and styles which vary greatly in price range. The only way to determine how much you should spend is to speak to one of our audiologists.

My friend spent a lot of money on his hearing aids, and he says they don’t work. Will the same happen to me?

Unfortunately, there are many individuals who make the effort to have their hearing tested and fitted for hearing aids, only to stop wearing them shortly after. People may stop wearing their hearing aids for many reasons:-

  • Having trouble adjusting to their new hearing environment. When you are first fitted with hearing aids, it’s best to ‘train your brain’ slowly by increasing your wearing time gradually, day by day. Otherwise, everything may sound ‘too loud’ at first and feel uncomfortable.
  • The hearing aid has stopped working because it needs an adjustment. For various reasons, your hearing may have changed or the hearing aid may be blocked with wax and stop working. Such problems can be easily fixed with a quick visit to Active Audiology. Our audiologists can check for any changes in your hearing and fine-tune your hearing aid accordingly.
    At Active Audiology, we see you regularly to ensure that your hearing aids are working optimally at all times. Your hearing health needs to be regularly checked to ensure that your hearing aids are meeting your needs. Our Blog article TOP 10 THINGS TO FIND OUT BEFORE GETTING A HEARING AID discusses this further.
Will my hearing aids whistle when I use them?

Current modern hearing aids are a lot less likely to whistle than those which were available 5-15 years ago. Therefore hearing aids specifically prescribed for you, and correctly tuned for your hearing should not whistle with typical use.

How do I know if I’ve picked the right hearing aid?

There are literally hundreds of hearing aids on the market. The best way to determine the right technology and style is to speak to one of our audiologists at Active Audiology. Since we are not operated by a large foreign hearing aid manufacturer, we prescribe your hearing aids based on a clinical decision and not a commercial bias. If you are not happy with your hearing aid, once you have been fit, you have 35 days to exchange it or receive a refund for the entire purchase price.

How much are batteries for hearing aids?
Are there other hidden costs of hearing aids?

Be reassured that your hearing aid purchase from Active Audiology includes your assessment, fitting and review appointments. It also includes all servicing and maintenance in the first 12 months. It’s very common to re-visit your audiologist several times when you have been fitted with a hearing aid. Unlike other providers, our audiologists will see you as many times as it takes to achieve your desired listening goals. We do not charge you additional service fees in the first 12 months from when you are fit with your new hearing aids.

Should I buy hearing aids online?

Improving your hearing can come at a significant cost. Therefore buying hearing aids online can seem like an attractive option to cut costs. It is important to consider a few things before making this decision.

  • Hearing aids are complication digital devices which require individualised tuning to be of any use to you.
  • There are also hundreds of hearing aids on the market, only a qualified audiologist will be able to determine which ones will effectively improve your hearing.
  • Most importantly, hearing aids are not the only part of your hearing rehabilitation process. It will often take time to acclimatise to hearing changes. This process involves the appropriate fitting of the devices, counseling, adjustments, and maintenance.

To further explore this, have a read of our Blog article SHOULD I BUY A HEARING DEVICE ONLINE?

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