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Hearing is of great significance and helps in experiencing great joys of life. Right from sounds of nature to high-fidelity music, you can enjoy everything you want once you start hearing properly. In simple words, you will simply regain new life or add new meaning to your life by being able to hear. Effective hearing aids will give you the freedom to go wherever and whenever you want without any restrictions, thereby helping you lead a fulfilled life. At Active Audiology, Audiologist provide hearing aids that simplifies your life and offers exceptional hearing experience to you. Therefore, if you are looking out for audiology services in Balwyn, Burwood East, Altona, Thornbury, South Morang & Oakleigh, then you have come the right place.

Hearing aids are generally used by people experiencing mild to profound hearing loss. These devices detect sounds, modulate and amplify them to comfortable levels, which help the wearer to hear better. They improve the ability of the wearer to understand speech by providing superior access to sounds.

We offer different types of high quality, commercially available hearing aids. Therefore, you can find the right device that precisely caters to your hearing needs. Being an independent Australian Best hearing Aid Center, we offer personalized and affordable hearing solutions. With us, you will not be restricted to a single hearing aid brand. We offer all the latest technologies from various leading manufacturers.


We have sophisticated hearing devices that help you to hear all the sounds that your are missing out. We do not stop at advising the right hearing aid. This is because, best results can be achieved only when the devices are fitted precisely by the right professionals. For this reason, our audiologists will ensure that the hearing aid is made to the exact measure of your ears and is appropriately fitted.

They will also ensure that all this will happen as per the prescription, to exactly match to your hearing requirements. Our range of hearing services are not only tailored, but are also affordable. Besides, we also offer customized earplugs for sound, musicians as well as swimming purposes.


Hearing loss and hearing problems vary from one individual to another. Our technologically advanced hearing aids are much more than mere amplifiers. They have artificial intelligence and come with a computer chip. This chip offers superior sound experience by reducing the background noise. Our Audiologist in Melbourne will help you. Besides, you can also find appropriate hearing aids in Balwyn, Burwood East, Altona, Thornbury, South Morang & Oakleigh.

There are numerous major brands of hearing aids are there in Australia, who put years of research in creating cutting-edge products to help individuals experiencing hearing loss. Choosing the products that serves your purpose, among these brands, can be extremely daunting. Here, our audiologists will help you in selecting the right model from the right brand that best suits you.


If you still have queries, just call us on 1300 364 007. We are just a call away from you. You can also post your queries to We would be glad to help you.

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