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Hearing loss is one of the major conditions affecting a large number of people after back pain. Today, industrial hearing loss and industrial deafness are one of the common types of hearing impairments. Hearing loss can affect people of any age group. A person need not wait for the hearing loss to become severe to visit an audiologist. Most of the people generally put up with minor hearing losses. They do not realise that people around them will notice the changes in their behaviours. Right from keeping the TV volume loud to constantly asking people to repeat what they said, the symptoms might include anything. Sometimes, the affected individual might also talk in a loud voice.

Every type of hearing impairment should be addressed quickly without waiting for it to become severe. Going for a hearing test will give a better understanding of the magnitude of hearing loss. Based on this appropriate solutions can be recommended. These tests are generally accurate and are painless. Making an appointment with an independent hearing service like us will help you in getting best possible solution for your problems. Besides, with us there is no need for you to get a referral to make an appointment. Our University trained audiologists will thorough assessment of your ears, examine your hearing and will then discuss the results with you.

Causes of Hearing Loss

Numerous factors contribute to hearing loss. However, some of the most pre-dominant causes include:
1.Build up of excess wax in the ear canal
2.Inflammations and ear infections
3.Eardrum perforation
4.Middle ear-bones stiffness
6.Constant exposure to loud noises
7.Side effects of certain medications

Hearing Loss and Their Types

Hearing loss can be broadly divided into three distinct types. These include:
Conductive – This condition involves something that blocks the sound from entering the inner ears. The blockage in this condition could be in middle ear or in outer ear portions. Such hearing loss make the sounds softer, thereby making the ears feel that they are plugged up. This type of hearing loss can be permanent or temporary.

Sensorineural – This condition occurs if the inner ears are damaged and is generally permanent. Although it is usually caused by ageing, this condition might also result due to genetic factors as well as continuous exposure to extremely loud noise. Here, the sounds could be heard softer or can be unclear and can also give the feeling of mumbling.

Mixed – This type is a combination of both of sensorineural and conductive hearing losses.

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“I had difficulty hearing people with soft voices and having to ask people to repeat. Background noise was troubling me.”



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