Accurate Hearing Tests and Assessments

One of the common beliefs about hearing impairment is that people with hearing challenges just cannot hear the sounds until they are loud. However, this condition is more complicated. This is exactly where hearing assessments and tests come into picture. These tests are used for determining which are the sounds that can be heard and which are the ones that cannot be heard. Such tests helps in determining the type and degree of hearing loss of the patient.

A thorough hearing assessment by an audiologist will give you a better idea of your condition. At Active Audiology, we offer different types of hearing tests across Melbourne. Our hearing assessments and tests are accurate and painless. Besides, with us there is no need for you to make a referral to get an appointment. In order to serve you better we have university trained audiologists to assess yours or your family member’s hearing.

Hearing Tests for Children

The impact of hearing impairment on a growing child is much different from that on adults. This is because hearing is important for them to learn and also develop communication skills. Therefore, we offer bespoke hearing tests for children between the age group of 4 to 18 years. We will then generate a detailed report on the hearing test of the child, which can be used for specialist or school, if needed.

Workplace and Pre-Employment Hearing Test

We undertake as well as provide hearing tests for different types of pre-employment assessments. The test generally last for around 30 minutes. Furthermore, we also carry out routine hearing tests, which are a part of medical tests offered at the workplace. In addition, we are an approved provider of hearing tests. Therefore, you can seek the advice of our audiologists to determine whether you are eligible for claiming hearing-loss compensation at work. We will also let you know whether you will be entitled for receiving hearing devices under WorkSafe for free or not. All these factors make us one of the best hearing aid centers, providing quality Australian hearing services.

Free Assessments for Pensioners and Veterans

At Active Audiology, we provide free hearing services, devices and tests to pensioners as well as veterans. Apart from this, we also conduct timely hearing tests all across our Melbourne clinics for adults. In this way we help you in preventing hearing loss or cope up with it in a better way.

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