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Manufacturer: Oticon

Model: Alta2 / Pro

Cost range: $5495-5995 per aid*

*Eligible Pensioners and DVA Gold cardholder may receive subsidies under the Government Hearing scheme. Call Active Audiology for more information.

PROS: The Oticon Alta2 Pro is the latest top of the range device from Oticon. The hearing aid has all the features required to give you the best speech clarity, listening comfort and performance in background noise. The Oticon Alta2 Pro comes in a full range of styles, from behind-the-ear to tiny custom invisible-in-the-canal shapes. The device can be personalized and tailored to your preferences, this means ease of use for the wearer and less manual adjustments. The Oticon Alta2 Pro preserves and restores the natural cues in speech for the two ears, this helps to work out where sounds are coming from in space. The aids truly work together as a team to reduce noise and enhance speech. The Oticon Alta2 Pro can also come in a Tinnitus model which gives relief to those who live with ringing noises in the ears by playing soothing sounds through the hearing aids, or by linking the aids to an App on your Smartphone. Clients who have tried the Alta Pro2 device have been amazed at the sound quality.

OVERALL rating (out of 5 stars): 5/5

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What type of person would this be ideal for: If you want the best possible hearing solution for picking up every important speech detail, the Oticon Alta2 Pro would be a great choice. This device would be ideal for people who have difficulties in meetings and group situations, the device will certainly assist to focus in on the conversation.

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