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smartphone apps for hearing help


Anyone with a hearing loss will tell you that it can be really difficult to hear on the phone even with hearing aids. The main reason for this is that we can hear the person but we can’t see them. When you lose visual cues, it becomes more difficult to understand what has been said. Using Facetime or Skype video calls will give you back this crucial visual information. Some hearing aids also have Bluetooth streaming. So with this app, you will be able to see the person and also hear the voice directly through both hearing aids. For more information about this click here. This is the best phone signal you can get with hearing loss. Cost of app: free

Alpine MusicSafe check

This app is great for just about anyone who wants to be proactive about their hearing health. It is also crucial for musicians or hearing loss sufferers who really need to stay on top of noise exposure. Loud noise can damage your hearing in an instant depending on the level. This app allows you to measure the sound level around you. EX: At a concert or in a noisy pub. It will instantly inform you how long you can remain in an area with or without ear plugs before your hearing is in danger. For more information on how to get custom made hearing protection ear plugs, click here. Cost of app: free

Starkey Hear Coach

Difficulty understanding speech in background noise is a huge problem for both people with hearing loss and some people with normal hearing. This app is a suite of listening games designed to help train your hearing system and improve this speech understanding in noise. Give it a go, there’s nothing to lose! Cost: free.

Oticon Tinnitus App

This app is designed to provide relief and relaxation for tinnitus sufferers. It has a range of relaxing sounds to choose from. It allows you to create a ‘sound plan’. Sounds can be organized according to sound type (soothing, interesting or background sound) or according to situations when a particular sound or sounds are preferred. This is a great one to try if tinnitus is distracting you or causing distress. By using sounds that distract the brain, you can slowly acclimatize to your tinnitus. If you are suffering from tinnitus and would like to know more, please come and see us. Click here to make an appointment. Cost of app: free.

Hearing aid remote apps (specific to your brand of hearing aid)

Most hearing aid manufacturers have apps to go with the hearing aids. These apps can be a basic remote to turn the sound up and down and change programs. Or they can have advanced features like tagging a particular setting to a location. Every time you return to that location, the hearing aid will automatically change to your preference. They can also be used to find a lost hearing aid. The advances in this area are just amazing. Always ask your Audiologist what’s out there for you.

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