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Top 3 ways to hear the TV more clearly

For many people with hearing loss, hearing the TV is a real problem. Only certain programs can be heard clearly such as the news or films. When it comes to modern shows such us a favourite comedy (we are talking to you lovers of ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’!), it becomes a guessing game. Filling in the gaps is tiring and disheartening. Family members will often abandon you to watch TV alone, unable to stand the blaring volume. So what can be done? The trouble with hearing loss is that speech becomes unclear. It feels as though everyone is mumbling. It is always best to see an Audiologist to talk through all options. However, here are a few choices that can make a huge difference.

  1. Hearing aids

The job of a hearing aid is to correct deficiencies in your hearing at specific pitches of sound. Many people with hearing loss cannot pick up high pitch or treble sounds. For more information about hearing loss, click here. This inability to hear high pitch sounds creates a mumbling effect. Due to this hearing loss, the beginnings and ends of words are lost. By wearing a hearing aid, these treble sounds are brought back to life at a comfortable volume. This gives the listener sharp and clear hearing for the TV. For further information about hearing aids, click here.


  1. Hearing aids and a Bluetooth adapter

Some hearing aid wearers find that hearing aids alone are not enough. This can be due to a long distance between the listener and the TV, background noise eg. from the kitchen and/or reverberation. In these cases, the latest Bluetooth technology is amazing. By wearing a remote control around the neck, the sound of the TV will come straight into the ears through the hearing aids. This means you will get the best possible hearing matched to your hearing loss, and the TV volume will be set at a comfortable volume for others. For further details on this technology, click here.


  1. Wireless headphones

Wireless headphones can be a quick and easy fix, particularly for people with no hearing concerns other than the TV. The best sets use FM technology and the headphones will transmit the sound to you without the use of any wires. This can give a very high quality of sound (f the right headphones are selected). To book a free hearing check and a chat with an Audiologist about this, click here.

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