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hearing aids in rain

This is a question that we are asked at nearly every hearing aid fitting appointment, especially when we start to talk about how moisture is harmful for hearing aids. Hearing aids are electronic devices so water can be a serious enemy; definitely take them out for heavy rain, pools and showers! Fortunately most hearing aids on the market these days are moisture-proof. This means that sporadic exposure to a reasonable amount of sweat from exercise or a few minutes in typical rain shouldn’t damage your hearing aids. Nonetheless if you find yourself caught out in a downpour of torrential rain or if you jump into a swimming pool or shower without taking your aids out, this could be a problem. If moisture gets into the microphone or receiver of the hearing device and does not dry out properly, this can cause corrosion. You may notice static sounds in the devices, intermittency, or they may stop working all together.

So what next if you accidentally get your hearing aids thoroughly wet? It doesn’t always mean that you will have to start looking for new ones!

1. The first thing to do after your hearing aids get wet is to remove the batteries. Wet batteries inside your devices can cause even more damage.

2. Pat dry your hearing aids using some tissue paper to absorb any excess water.

3. Then, if you own one, put the devices in to an electronic Dry-Aid kit overnight.

4. If you do not own a drying kit, place the hearing aids in an air tight container overnight with some packets of silica gel or enough uncooked rice to cover them.

5. If your hearing aids are still wet after you’ve tried this, then it’s best to speak to your audiologist.

If you live in a humid or rainy climate, perspire alot, or work out regularly with your hearing aids, it might be worth investing in a Dry-Aid kit. Using a Dry-Aid kit regularly will assist to prolong the life of your hearing aids and help with reducing future repair costs.

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