Cleaning kits

Hearing aids all require some maintenance to work optimally. They all have at least one part which sits inside the ear, and this needs to be kept clean and clear for the sound quality to be at its best.

Some hearing aids have filters on the end that goes into the ear, these can be cleaned with a brush, or replaced with a new filter when very blocked.


brush Hearing aids Cleaning kits hearing aid


Some hearing aids have tubes, these have to be kept clear to enable the sound to travel into the ear. This can be done with a cleaning wire.


cleaning wire


Some hearing aids also have a vent. These need to be kept clear to allow for best sound quality. Vents can be cleaned using a wire or thin brush.


brush thin wire


If you are unsure how to clean your hearing aids or do not have the tools required to do so, Active Audiology can supply you with tips and tools.

To see how to clean a slimtube hearing aid or a Receiver-In-Canal hearing aid, see our helpful YouTube videos on these topics:
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