All hearing aids require batteries to run. The size and style of the hearing aids will determine how big the batteries required are, and also how long they will last. Most hearing aids use disposable batteries and these can last from 5-21 days, depending on their size and amount of use. The most common battery sizes are 10A (yellow), 312 (brown), 13 (orange) and 675 (blue).


If you hold a Pension card or DVA Gold card, you are eligible for batteries subsidised by the Government. This means you may be required to only pay an annual fee to have batteries provided free of charge for the year from your hearing clinic.

For Private clients, Active Audiology sells disposable batteries at $8 per packet* (6 batteries per packet), or $60 per box* (60 batteries per box).

Some hearing aids can use rechargeable batteries. A recharging unit and special rechargeable batteries are required for this. The ongoing cost of the unit and rechargeable batteries is usually more than using disposable batteries, but some people find this easier to manage rather than frequently changing batteries.

Ear plug battery


To learn how to change a hearing aid battery, see our helpful YouTube video on the topic:

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