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Cost of hearing aid

Do you wish to improve your hearing experience and looking for a hearing aid that perfectly fits your lifestyle and budget?

Choosing the right hearing aid is a multi-step process and requires consideration of a number of factors. You may have come across hearing aids priced exorbitantly and wondered what the high price tag is all about. At Active Audiology, we wish to make the process of buying a hearing aid as simple as possible and encourage our customers to compare prices, understand the features to be able to make an informed choice. Prices vary significantly and are determined by a number of factors. There are models that offer basic hearing improvement and also hearing aids equipped with cutting-edge features for the ultimate hearing experience. Some of the factors that contribute to the price of a hearing aid include the technology, durability, manufacturing cost, trial costs, customisation and more. Let us look at some the factors in detail to get a better understanding.


Modern hearing aids are equipped with high-end features to offer a one-of-a-kind experience. The result of decades of research, such hearing aids are discreet, comfortable and crafted to meet the individual needs of people. With features like digital noise reduction, speech isolation and directional amplification, there are amazing options for people suffering from even the most challenging hearing loss.

The cost involved in keeping pace with technology by means of research is huge. Consumers actually pay for these advances that enable them to enjoy the joys of communication. There are also hearing aids with basic features available at a lower price, but it is always wise to go with the best you can get.


Hearing aids are generally used by people for long durations and this results in hearing aids having to endure certain challenging situations. From withstanding the changes in external temperature to being exposed to humid conditions on a regular basis, there are a number of negative factors always at work. This implies that a hearing aid needs to be robust and reliable to offer optimum performance. Hearing aid manufacturers make huge investments to ensure that the components adhere to the highest standards of quality and offer uninterrupted performance.

Fitting the Hearing Aid:

There is no doubt about the fact that hearing aids can immensely enhance your ability to hear. However, to get the perfect hearing experience, it is essential that you wear them right. The fitting process involves several steps to ensure that the hearing aid addresses your hearing concern and is programmed to suit your hearing needs. They need to be adjusted in a manner to amplify soft sounds while ensuring that the other sounds are not louder. All sounds need to be in a range that is comfortable to the wearer. Hearing aids have features that lower background noise so that you are able to hear your best. An effective fitting is necessary and you may require a number of visits to feel comfortable. In this regard, the skill, knowledge and ability of the audiologist also play a key role.

Professional Needs:

The process of fitting and adjusting a hearing aid is complex and requires professional knowledge. It can be done by an audiologist and audiometrist. Audiologists have postgraduate qualifications in the field of audiology along with a minimum of 12 months of clinical practice. They specialize in all non-medical areas of hearing. Audiometrists have a certificate course or have received in-house training from the hearing industry. With a minimum of three years of experience in the field of hearing assessment, they also offer fitting and adjustment services. However, the quality of service offered by an audiologist is superior and more reliable than that offered by an audiometrist.

Research Involved in Developing a Hearing Aid:

The pricing of a product includes the cost involved in its creation. Manufacturers need to recover the cost involved in research and development, that enables them to offer cutting-edge products with the most advanced features.

Warranty Cost:

Most reputed companies offer hearing aids that come with a warranty. This includes fixing any issues with the hearing aid free of cost. The warranty in certain cases also includes accidental damage, whereby you can get it replaced with a small fee. The cost of your hearing aid covers such charges.

Marketing Cost of Hearing Aids:

Statistics indicate that most people hesitate to go for hearing aids. In fact, people wait for as long as 7 years before buying their first hearing aid. The primary reason is denial and not the cost of hearing aids. As a result, hearing aid manufacturers have to invest a huge amount in marketing campaigns to convey the benefits of hearing aids and encourage people to use it.

Hearing aids are worth the investment and immensely help individuals stay connected. With hearing aids, you can feel confident and engage in conversations effortlessly. Given the wide benefits they offer, hearing aids are a good investment to enhance the quality of your life.

Looking for hearing aids that match your needs, environment, budget and lifestyle?

We are here to make it easy for you. We, at Active Audiology, are an independent clinic and believe in offering unbiased solutions tailored to suit the individual needs of our clients. We have a complete range of options available and can suggest hearing aids that best address your hearing concern, suit your lifestyle and are specifically programmed to your needs. If you wish to know more about our hearing aids, feel free to reach out to our team. You can call us on 1300 364 007. We will be happy to assist you.

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