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Hearing is defined as the ability of an individual to perceive sounds. Among the five senses, hearing is indeed precious since it connects a person to the world. An individual is able to hear tones and sounds by detecting sound waves resulting from the vibrations of sound. The inability to hear can impact the way you communicate and have access to information.

If you suffer from hearing loss and often struggle to understand conversations, you are not alone. Hearing loss is widespread and affects people of all ages. Based on the cause of the impairment, hearing loss can be temporary or permanent, partial or complete. It generally develops gradually, making it often difficult for people to recognise the problem. It is often overlooked and individuals try to compensate it by turning up the volume or asking people to repeat. Moreover, people often hesitate to seek treatment and the problem is left untreated. However, untreated hearing loss can have adverse emotional and social consequences. The hidden consequences may not be apparent but are a cause of concern.

Do you feel that you are unable to hear sounds as clearly as you used to or find it hard to hear in situations where there is a lot of background noise? Here at Active Audiology, we encourage you to seek advice if you notice any of the symptoms of hearing loss. With appropriate action and help from an audiologist, you can enjoy a more connected and meaningful life.

If you are concerned about your hearing loss and looking for more information about audiologists and hearing aids, we are here to help you. Let us learn more about audiologists and how they can help you.


Audiologists are professionals who can provide accurate hearing assessments to determine the degree of your hearing loss. They are recognised by the Audiological Society of Australia (ASA) and are professionally trained to understand the science of hearing. We recommend you to only seek advice from a qualified audiologist for your hearing concerns.

Audiologists work in close collaboration with doctors and can assess your concern to determine the extent and cause of the problem. They can even suggest non-medical rehabilitation of the problem. In case your hearing loss is treatable, the audiologist will suggest the most appropriate treatment.

Hearing Aids:

Hearing aids can immensely help an individual reduce the negative impact of a hearing impairment. Hearing aids can make sounds appear clearer by separating speech with the background noise. With the innovative range of hearing aids, there are wide options and you can even go for aids that are invisible to other people. There are several types of hearing aids available and to enable you to understand them better, let us discuss each one of them.

Completely in the Canal (CIC):

This is one of the smallest hearing aids and is fitted far in the ear canal to be almost invisible. The components of this type of hearing aid are in a small case. There is also a small battery fitted to the aid. The CIC aid is however not suitable for individuals with severe hearing loss.

In the Canal (ITC):

This type of aid is a little bigger than the CIC and is also fitted in the ear canal. The battery used is bigger and this aid is most suitable for people with mild to moderate hearing loss.

In the Ear (ITE):

Suitable for a wide range of hearing impairments, the aids have larger sound amplifiers and certain other advanced features. They are much easier to handle and are of the following types:

Invisible In the Canal (IIC):

Invisible in the canal (IIC) hearing aids is the latest and most discreet. It is placed deep in the ear canal which enables it to offer better sound quality and ultimate discretion. The tiny size and custom fit ensure that your hearing experience in enhanced.

Open Fit Hearing Aids:

Sleek and small, these hearing aids are inserted into the ears and have an ultra-thin and invisible tube system.

Now that you are aware that addressing a hearing problem can make a huge difference to the quality of life, make sure to get in touch with a hearing professional. Based on your precise needs, you will be suggested the best course of action. With the different types of hearing aids available, they make the best options that you can explore. If you are eager to reduce the impact of hearing loss on your life, make use of hearing aids. Hearing aids amplify sound and enable you to participate in social situations with confidence. Moreover, the models available are much smaller, neater and equipped with the latest features. Discreet and made to perfectly fit into your ears, there are hearing aids which are virtually unnoticeable.

Still unsure and need assistance in selecting the right hearing aid?

Do not hesitate to get in touch with the qualified hearing professionals at Active Audiology. As an independent clinic, we believe if offering unbiased solutions tailored to suit the individual needs of our clients. We have the widest range of options available and can suggest hearing aids that best address your hearing concern, suit your lifestyle and are specifically programmed to your needs. If you wish to know more about our hearing aids, feel free to reach out to our team. You can call us on 1300 364 007. We will be happy to assist you.

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