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These days, we are all crazy for cafe culture, heading out with friends for a meal has become a hobby in itself. But for many people, this environment comes with an anxious struggle to keep up with conversation. Between the coffee machine, banging plates and music that gives ‘atmosphere’, it’s difficult to hear yourself speak let alone others.  So is this normal? Or is it a sign of hearing loss? Here are some of the most common signs you may suffer from hearing loss.

1. The mumbling effect

You can hear everybody talking, the trouble is, they mumble and it’s just not clear. Of course there are some mumblers out there. However, this is a very common sign of hearing loss. You start to lose the beginnings and ends of words, so a word like ‘fun’ might sound like ‘sun’. You may compensate by watching people a little more closely or following the topic of the conversation.

2. You need to turn up the TV and radio

When you adjust the TV to the volume that’s best for you, others complain that it’s just too loud. However, when they adjust it to their level, it’s near impossible for you to hear. This is a very common sign that your hearing is not quite what it used to be.

3. Problems hearing in background noise

People with hearing loss can really struggle in noisy environments. The background noise swamps the conversation and you just can’t make out what people are saying. This can happy even when the conversation is one to one and the person is directly opposite you. As hearing loss usually occurs gradually, this change can creep up on you.

If you identify with these signs, it would be best to have your hearing health checked.

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