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We never really know when or if we’ll lose our sense of hearing as we grow older day by day. We even wish that it never happens, so we can continue to appreciate the wonderful sounds of the world.

However, hearing loss doesn’t just occur to people as they grow older. If that was the case, then only old people would be suffering from hearing loss, but why do children suffer from it as well?

The truth is hearing loss is not picky with whom it affects. Anyone, young and old, can acquire or be born with it.

It’s just a little harder when it comes to children since that they’re too young to be missing out on a lot of the world’s sounds. However, not all hope is lost because there are several hearing aids companies like Siemens that manufacture hearing devices specially-made for children.

With a large number of children’s hearing aids available in Australia and all around the world, we can allow our children to live ‘normal kid’ lives. Therefore, it’s important to learn how to pick the right type of hearing aids for our children.

Here are a few tips that might help us when we’re looking for the right hearing aids for our children:

    1. 1. BTE or Behind – The Ear hearing aids are more recommended for young children than other types of hearing aids. This is because this type can be made to fit to various types of earmoulds.


    1. 2. Remember that your child is a growing young boy or girl which means that the sizes of their ears will still change. For this reason, the earmoulds of our child’s hearing aids must be detachable and remade easily, so it can continue to fit his ears. This eliminates the need to continually purchase new hearing aids every time our child outgrows his or her current ones.


    1. 3. Different hearing aids are used for different degrees or types of hearing loss. Before we go out and buy a pair, we need to first have our child checked by a licensed audiologist. This professional will assess the degree or type of hearing loss our child has and will recommend the best type of hearing aids he can use.


  1. 4. BTE hearing aids earmoulds lessens a parent’s hassle since they’re easy to clean and handle. They’re also made out of a soft material that allows for a comfortable fit for a child’s small ears.

BTE hearing aids are most commonly used when it comes to younger children like toddlers. However, if your child is a little older like maybe a pre-teen or teen, he or she can use other types of hearing aids like ITE or In-The-Ear hearing aids. When looking for the right hearing aids for your children try to have these tips in mind and remember that their comfort is of utmost importance!

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