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Iphone hearing aids

Thinking back 6 years ago when people used their mobile phones only for making calls, and how things have changed…. nowadays we all have Smartphones we use for texting, emailing, calendars, listening to music, GPS, Facebook and the list goes on.

Now even hearing aids can be linked to your phone, and some hearing devices are specifically ‘Made For iPhone’. Enter the Starkey Halo and ReSound Linx

The Starkey Halo and ReSound Linx devices can both pair directly via Bluetooth to your iPhone. Read on to find out what this means to you.
Call streaming

Once your hearing devices and iPhone are paired, any incoming or outgoing calls will be heard directly in your ears through the Starkey Halo or ReSound Linx. This gives fantastic stereo sound quality for FaceTime calls as well.

Audio streaming

You can stream audio through your iPhone into your Starkey Halo or ReSound Linx aids with no extra hardware. This includes music, videos, Siri or any other media played through your phone giving a personalised audio experience.  Hear you favourite smash hit, directly through your hearing aid!

Remote control

The Starkey TruLink and ReSound Smart Apps enable you to change the volume or program of your devices with a simple touch on your phone rather than fiddling with aid buttons on your ears.


Live microphone

With the Starkey Halo and ReSound Linx aids you also have the ability to utilise your iPhone as a remote microphone. Imagine being in a noisy cafe, you can place your phone on the table close to the speaker, and then your phone will pick up their voice so you’ll hear them directly in your ears through your hearing aid. You won’t have to even think about all the background noise around you!


The iPhone Apps give you the flexibility to make treble, bass and volume adjustments to optimise your devices for specific environments. Imagine being at the cinema and with a few swipes of your iPhone, you can easily adjust the bass and volume of your aids to enhance your movie experience.


Following on from adjustments, you can even save the “Movie” adjustments you made and then GPS-tag the cinema. This means every time you go to that cinema, the GPS on your iPhone automatically changes the aids to the “Movie” setting. You can save up to 20 memories with the Starkey TruLink App so your devices are always doing exactly what you want them to.

Find my hearing aids

If you misplace your Starkey Halo or ReSound Linx devices, the Apps can show you their location on a map. Considering how many people lose their hearing aids, this is a very helpful feature!

ReSound Linx

The advanced interaction between Starkey Halo and TruLink iPhone App wins out over the ReSound Linx system. Additionally the TruLink App interface is more user friendly than ReSound Smart. All in all, the Starkey Halo device is a definite front runner in the ‘Made For iPhone’ battle.

If you have any questions about the exciting technology of the Starkey Halo and ReSound Linx, feel free to give us a call (9398 3331).


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