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Like selecting the right diamond, choosing a great hearing aid should come down to the 3 ‘C’s- comfort, clarity and custom fitting. Get these things right and you will enjoy the freedom of hearing well once again.


There are several styles of hearing devices available. Choose the style that is most comfortable for YOU. Some sit behind the ear (eg. BTE hearing aids, RITE hearing aids) and some sit deep inside (eg. CIC hearing aids, IIC Hearing aids).  For reviews on various hearing aid models available, click here .

Not all styles are suited to all types of hearing loss. Your audiologist should have demo models that they can show you and that you can put in your ear. You should also check how to change the battery, clean it and get it in and out of your ear. You need to be comfortable with your choice.


  Hearing aid clarity                                                 

When you have a hearing loss, you lose clarity. You lose the beginning and ends of words and it can sound as though people are mumbling. To get great speech understanding, every sound detail is vital. Try to choose the device within your budget that has the best technology for picking up these sound details. Fantastic features for reducing background noise are also essential. Excellent sound clarity really does come down to the technology level of the model you choose. Go for the best you can afford.  To get an idea of the level of technology you may require, click here .

Custom fitting

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Your ear and your hearing are as unique as your fingerprint. Make sure that the device you are getting will be measured and fitted. They should be tailored to YOUR ears and hearing. Seeing an audiologist is a must to achieve this customisation. Becoming an Audiologist requires University study at a Masters level. Make sure you get the safest and best possible fit by utilising their expertise.

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