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Expert Advice on Getting Used to Hearing Aids

The experience of using hearing aids for the first time can be confusing. This is especially true if your hearing loss occurs gradually over several years. You may find the first use uncomfortable with sounds appearing louder than you expected. Moreover, there are sounds that you have not heard over a long time and your brain may take time to interpret these sounds and adjust to the change.

While the experience can be overwhelming, make sure that you do not allow it to put you off. Getting used to the feeling of having a device in your ears will take time and after you have adjusted, you will be able to make the most of your hearing device.

To make the transition a smoother process for you, we have listed some tips to help you adjust and feel comfortable in your new device.

Get the Fit Right

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The first and most important step to ensure that you can make the most of your hearing aids is to get the fit right. Hearing aids that fit properly in your ears are comfortable to wear and work effectively in enhancing your ability to hear. The adjustment needs to be done by your audiologist before you take your hearing aids home.

While sounds may appear jarring for some time and you may take time to get used to the device, make sure that the hearing aids do not hurt you. You also need to know from your audiologist the correct method to use the device yourself. While most modern hearing aids are designed to offer the utmost in comfort to the wearer, you may hear screeching and whistling sound if the hearing aids are not placed correctly.

Don’t Feel Discouraged If You Find Hearing Aids Funny Initially

Your ears need time to get used to the feeling of having the device and you may start feeling comfortable in a few days. If required, you can consider wearing the device only in comfortable situations initially.

Adjust to New Sounds

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There are hearing sounds that you may probably not have heard for years. While you will take time to get used to the new sounds, make sure that your hearing aids are programmed correctly. By determining the right amplification for you, your audiologist will help you hear sounds clear.

In case you notice that sounds are loud, you can request your audiologist to program the device and increase the volume gradually based on your comfort level. There are hearing aids that give you the flexibility to gradually amplify sounds over several weeks until your target is reached.

When you begin to use hearing aids, you may initially find that sounds are not only louder but also high pitched. However, constant exposure will help you get used to it.

An easy tip to adjust is to wearing the hearing aids all through your waking hours except in situations where you find that they get wet due to showering or swimming.

During the adjusting phase, it is best to give yourself a break. Avoid going to places that are noisy like a crowded restaurant. The background noise can be confusing, making it even harder for you to hear.

Maintain a Record

Make a note of anything that you feel is not right with your hearing device. Make sure to add as much information as possible like what sounds and locations make the hearing experience difficult for you. While in some cases it is just about getting used to the device, your audiologist will also make adjustments to ensure that you can make the best use of your hearing aid in different situations. Talking to your audiologist and discussing concerns will help you resolve issues quickly.

Visit Your Audiologist for Fine Tuning

Your appointment with the audiologist for fine-tuning may be several weeks after you get your device. However, if you notice that you are facing difficulty coping with sounds, you can visit your audiologist sooner. This is also true if your device causes physical discomfort.

Practice Talking with People in Groups

Familiar voices are always easier to identify and by having face to face conversations with people you are close to will help you reconnect the dots that lie between the sounds you hear and non-verbal body language.

Having Realistic Expectations

A hearing loss implies damage to the auditory system and it is vital to understand that while a hearing device can improve your ability to hear, it will not restore your hearing to normal. The purpose of the device is to amplify sound and make it easier for you to understand conversations. However, even with the hearing aid, you may need to ask people to speak slowly so that you can follow them.

Dealing with a hearing concern and looking for experienced audiologists to help you select and adjust to your new hearing aids?

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