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Starkey is an American company founded in 1967. They are renowned for their pioneering design of very small custom hearing devices. They focus on improving the hearing lives of people all over the world, and continue striving to make positive changes in the lives of those with hearing loss.

Product families produced by Starkey include: Livio, Muse and Halo. Click here for a review of the Starkey Livio.

Manufacturer: Starkey

Model: Livio

Cost range:  $1495 – $4595


The Starkey Livio comes in different hearing aid levels and is available in both rechargeable and non-rechargeable options. Its premium level of technology is the first hearing aid to have artificial intelligence with some ingenious and unique features. The aid will send an alert to family members if you have a fall. It can translate languages in real time and has an inbuilt fitness tracking feature. This allows users to maintain their independence and feel more secure while providing peace of mind to their caregivers.  Translations are available in 27 different languages and are sent directly to a “Thrive App” on the user’s phone.

The Thrive app can also be used to wirelessly connect with smartphones and TV’s, improving the clarity of speech as sound will be heard in both ears at the same time. Users are also given the flexibility of adjusting the volume of their hearing aids through and an opportunity to access remote support.

The “Spatial Speech Enhancement” feature is available in the top 3 premium levels of Livio AI, its role is to improve the quality of speech coming directly from in front of the user  by reducing unwanted background noise and interference of speech babble from the listener’s sides.  Additionally, its “Transient Noise Reduction” aims to improve the listening comfort by adjusting the signals of sudden noises and hence reducing the impact of loud environmental sounds.

A fuller and more natural sound quality of listening can now be achieved with Starkey’s exclusive feature ” Output Compression Limiting” as it allows more volume to be programmed into the aids with minimal distortion occurring. Reminders are also a new feature available in the top 3 premium hearing aid levels and can be programmed with inbuilt messages to send users appointment and medication alerts.

Cons: Starkey Livio hearing aids not available in custom style hearing aids.

Who would this be ideal for? The Starkey Livio an interactive device that is suitable for anyone who would like freedom and independence in their daily lifestyle. For those worried about missing scheduled appointments or medication, this device will be fantastic for you. Call Active Audiology on 1300 364 007 for more information.

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