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Manufacturer: Siemens/Signia

Model: Pure 13 BT

Cost range: $2195-5795 per device*

*Eligible Pensioners and DVA Gold cardholders may receive subsidies under the Government Hearing scheme. Call Active Audiology for more information

PROS: The world’s first hearing aid which monitors and provides a clear overview of the wearer’s listening environments using Bluetooth-based data. Equipped with the primax star platform, Signia Pure 13 BT Primax uses the notion of the ‘connected ear’, enabling wearer’s to remain fully connected to their environment, to each other, to their iPhone and to their hearing care professional.

With the use of motion sensor technology and the myControl App, the wearer’s acoustic environment is constantly monitored enabling the hearing aids to react dynamically to changing listening situations. For example, wearers who enjoy walks in noisy environments with their conversation partners can be assured that the hearing aids will focus not only on speech but also on ambient sounds for increased safety of the individual.

Wireless connectivity enables information to be sent from one hearing aid to the other resulting in high definition binaural hearing. Wireless capabilities also allow iPhone users to stream mobile phone calls and their favourite music directly through their hearing aids without the requirement of a relay accessory. TeleCare 2.0 allows audiologists to make simple fine-tuning adjustments to hearing aids for clients who live remotely.

CONS: The Pure 13 BT hearing aids are only available in the RIC (receiver-in-canal) style and is not an option for individuals who prefer a custom made device.

OVERALL rating (out of 5):5 star

pure 13 BT

Who would this be ideal for? The Siemens Pure 13 BT Primax is suitable for anybody. For individuals who are constantly in rapidly changing dynamic environments, this device will ensure your hearing aids are constantly on par with your listening requirements. For iPhone users who struggle with mobile phone conversations, this device will enable easier communication. Individuals who live remotely and are unable to attend clinics for simple fine tuning adjustments, this hearing aid is the perfect solution for you.

Siemens Binax

The Siemens Binax has been clinically proven to outperform normal hearing even in challenging environments. It has a new touchControl App for iPhone® and Android™ turns smartphones into hearing aid remote controls. You can use the New easyTek™ wireless streamer and easyTek App transform Android and Apple® devices into hearing aid control centers.

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