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Manufacturer: GN Resound

Model: LiNX 3D

Cost Range: $2495-5495 per device*

*Eligible Pensioners and DVA Gold cardholders may receive subsidies under the Government Hearing scheme. Call Active Audiology for more information

Pros:The GN Resound LiNX 3D is really exciting. It is ‘made for iphone’. This means you can stream music, phone calls and any other audio sources directly into your hearing aids from your Apple device. There is no remote control or intermediate device required. They are available in a full range of designs and colours. The GN Resound LiNX 3D has features that help you to experience surround sound using technologies that mimic the human ear. This gives the ability to hear speech clearly in various listening environments, even in noise.

Cons: If you are not a user of an Apple device, you will need to use a Resound Phone Clip+ to connect your GN Resound Hearing Aids to your mobile phone or tablet.

OVERALL rating (out of 5): rating

GN resound LiNX-3D
GN resound LiNX 3D

Who would this be ideal for?

This is ideal for anyone who makes use of other forms of technology for phone calls, listening to music, GPS and other apps. This device will make hearing all these sound sources a seamless experience

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