What Is a Hearing Aid

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What Is a Hearing Aid


A hearing aid is a highly sophisticated electronic communication device. Hearing aids treat hearing loss by helping you hear the sounds you are missing out on. When fitted by an audiologist at Active Audiology, you will get a device that is measured in your ear and set up according to a prescription to match your hearing needs. Hearing aids are much more than just an amplifier. They have a computer chip with artificial intelligence. This chip will give you the details of sound whilst reducing background noise to give you the best sound experience possible.

There are at least 7 major hearing aid brands available in Australia. Every one of these manufacturers puts years of research and investment into creating cutting edge technology to help people with hearing loss. At Active Audiology, our Audiologist are independent. They are not aligned to any one brand. They have the expertise to select the right model for you. They have the experience to professionally adjust these devices to meet your needs.



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