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Receiver in the ear (RITE) hearing devices


Oticon design RITE

Oticon design RITE

Oticon design RITE on the ear

Oticon design RITE on the ear


A RITE hearing aid is one with a very small behind the ear component attached to a thin transmitting wire and a tiny speaker that sits inside the ear canal. The speaker has a small open tip over the top of it. This style has opened up a new world for many hearing aid wearers. Even people with severe hearing loss can now access tiny hearing aids.


Siemens Pure Binax ear plug

Siemens Pure Binax


Having the speaker in the ear means the behind the ear part can be very small. This improves comfort. The speaker inside the ear gives you excellent sound quality and volume whilst keeping an open natural sound


  • Natural sound quality
  • Cosmetic appeal
  • Greater comfort
  • Huge range of styles and technology
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