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There are many different shapes and sizes of hearing aids on the market, so how do you know which is the best? Keep reading to see whether a custom In-The-Ear or a Behind-The-Ear device would be better for you…
Cosmetics and Comfort

The smallest and most discreet hearing devices can be truly invisible. They are tiny custom made devices which sit deep in the ear canal. In-The-Ear devices have no parts sitting behind the ear so they don’t interfere with glasses or hats. Many Behind-The-Ear models are small and cosmetically appealing too, especially Open Fit devices. Open fit BTEs are more comfortable to wear than custom devices. They also keep the ear open so that you own voice will sound more natural.


It used to be that Behind-The-Ear devices had far better technology or were more powerful because of the size restrictions in custom devices. Nowadays you will rarely lose out on important features by opting for a custom device rather than a BTE. This is because hearing aid components can be manufactured to fit into tiny custom devices now. However depending on the brand some small custom devices don’t have access to Bluetooth and wireless accessories, or may not have enough power to match your hearing loss. If there are certain devices features which are essential for you, make sure you let your audiologist know so they can find a suitable device in the preferred shape.


Overall performance

Just like any other electronic device most hearing devices do not mix well with moisture! In-The-Ear hearing aids have all their electrical parts sitting in the ear and this moist sweaty environment can breakdown the hearing device. The most durable hearing devices are Behind-The-Ear ones that have all of the electrical components sitting outside the ear. They are also easier to repair so usually have a more consistent sound than custom devices.

Hearing specialists from Active Audiology take the time to understand what you need for a hearing solution. Fully independent and experienced, they provide a clear recommendation of what style of device would be best for you.

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