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mobile phones with hearing devices

Feel like you’re a spy in a Bond movie with some of the latest technology that unites hearing devices and mobile phones

1. Not all mobile phones were created equal…

It’s probably no surprise to you that mobile phones cause interference in hearing devices like humming or buzzing.

Rather than feeling like there’s an out of tune radio playing during your conversation, check out the specifications of the mobile before buying.

Look for the ‘M rating’(M for microphone) and the ‘T rating’(T for telecoil). The ratings go from 1 to 4. There are no guarantees, but any phone with a 3 or 4 should be pretty good with hearing devices. As an example, the iPhone 5S has an M3 T4 rating so this would be a good choice (no payment from Apple here, just quoting the specs!).


2. ‘Bluetooth’ is a hearing device user’s best friend

Bluetooth is where all the action is headed with hearing devices. Most hearing devices can now be paired to your mobile phone using a remote control and Bluetooth. This means you can hear your phone conversation in stereo directly in the ears. This is an amazing feature that you really have to try. Your voice will be picked up by the remote so you don’t need to hold the phone.

Some hearing device brands go one step further, with ‘Made for iPhone’ available. Get great sound quality with everything from navigation on the road to music listening. Whatever audio your iPhone puts out, you will hear it all through your hearing devices. You will also be able to adjust your aids through the iPhone and use your phone as an extra microphone. Call me a nerd, but I just find that all REALLY exciting!

3. Explore the app store

Have a play in the app store and you’ll find some useful stuff. Find apps that work with your hearing aids to turn your phone into a remote control. How about hearing ‘coach’ games to help improve your hearing fitness? Spend some time exploring and I’m sure you will find something that will be useful for you. A lot of these apps have been created by hearing aid manufacturers and are free. Here’s a list of a few to to take a look at:

Starkey Hear Coach, Oticon Connectline and Hearing Diary, soundAMP R

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