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buying cheap hearing aid

The pros and cons of buying a ‘cheap’ hearing aid:

It’s a great time to be getting a hearing aid. They have gotten smaller and more sophisticated than ever before. So why are we still paying so much? If you pay less ($900-$2500) what will you get and what will you lose? Let’s take a closer look.


Great design

An $8000 pair of hearing aids and a $2000 pair of hearing aids can now look exactly the same. There is no need to pay extra just to get something that is invisible or well designed, this can come at any price point.

Great improvement in hearing conversation in small groups and 1:1

No matter what the price of the hearing aid, if it is a reputable brand and professionally fitted, you will experience a great improvement in hearing. You will be able to follow conversation without having to concentrate so much or ask for repeats.

Improved clarity of TV and music

TV and music will come through with the clarity you have been missing. A bonus will be reducing the volume so it no longer bothers those around you.

Keeping your hearing ‘fit’

By wearing hearing aids, your brain will be receiving a good clear sound signal. This keeps up your hearing fitness, as they say, ‘use it or lose it’. It will keep your hearing fit for the future.


Comfort and clarity in restaurants and noisy places

A cheaper hearing aid will still help you to hear conversation better in noisy places. However, it will not be as effective as a higher technology device. This means some loud noises may bother you or impact on your speech understanding. Speak to an audiologist to find out why and the specific technologies you may miss out on.


You might be a fanatical bird watcher or a classical music aficionado. Whatever you like to listen to, the best hearing aids out there are highly flexible and the sound can be tailored to meet your needs. This involves fine tuning of separate channels (a bit like a graphic equalizer on a stereo) and altering noise and comfort settings. If you are not satisfied with the sound, the Audiologist will have many tricks up their sleeve to make it better. With a cheaper device, the choices can be much more limited giving you a less than perfect sound.

Sound quality

A top of the range device will restore as much of the sound scene to you as possible. A lower end device will be fully digital with good sound, but not as crisp and clear as a top of the range hearing aid.

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