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Musicians ear plugs

For musicians, music is a passion that keeps them excited about life and connected to the world around them. There are many important skills needed to be a great musician and lots of gear too. But there’s one vital piece of equipment that you might be taking for granted. This equipment is free and exquisitely fine-tuned. I’m talking about your ears!

Your relationship with music is dependent on your hearing. So every time you pick up a guitar or belt out your favourite song, think of the delicate ‘hair cells’ within the ear. These precious cells need to be protected at all costs. Unlike a guitar string, once they are damaged, they cannot be replaced.  So if you’ve had warning signs like buzzing, ringing or dullness in your ears, the time to act is now.

Now I know what you’re thinking, ‘I’d love to do the right thing and protect my ears. But how can I when the ear plugs out there do such a terrible job?’

The answer is, you probably haven’t invested in the right ones. Unlike the disposable foam plugs, moulded musician plugs can reduce the sound intensity but maintain the balance of sound across the range of notes. So even though the volume is reduced by 10-25dB, you still hear every detailed note or tone without it blasting your ear.

Musician’s plugs are made of a moulded silicone shell and a special sound filter. They are completely customised to your ear canal – so they don’t fall out, and fit snugly and comfortably. You’ll be able to enjoy your music without the damage. So take action now to protect your hearing. Live for the music well into the future.  You will need to see an Audiologist to take the shape of your ears and order and fit the plugs. They can also advise on the right type for you.

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