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foods help your hearing

There are many things we can do to maintain our healthy hearing. Keeping ourselves healthy so that we aren’t prone to ear infections is one way and of course protecting our ears from exposure to harmful noises. But there is also some evidence that what we eat can play a part in our hearing health.

 Omega 3’s and Vitamin D

Oily fish such as tuna, trout, sardines, anchovies and salmon all have high levels of vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids. Some studies show that adults who ate oily fish twice a week had a 42% lower chance of age related hearing loss than non-fish eaters. The reason for this is that omega 3 fatty acids help strengthen blood vessels and therefore help maintain a healthy blood supply to our ears.

 Antioxidants & folic acid

Antioxidants are found in all berries, artichokes, cinnamon and even eggs and nuts. Folic acids are mostly found in leafy greens, asparagus and avocado. A healthy supply of these antioxidant-rich foods can help repair damaged nerve tissues, like those found in your inner ears.

Vitamin C & E

Vitamin C & E can be found in all citrus fruits and berries and can help to strengthen your entire immune system. Eating a good supply of vitamin C & E means your body will be ready to fight off any nasties that come your way, which will help lower your chances of contracting an ear infection!


Magnesium can be found in dried fruit, bananas, avocados and dark chocolate. A study in 2003 found tinnitus is caused by an over-production of glutamate within neurotransmitters. However Magnesium works as a glutamate inhibitor and therefore may help reduce tinnitus symptoms.


All of the above foods are part of a varied and well-balanced diet so eating these types of food will keep not only your ears healthy but the rest of you too!

The best thing you can do for healthy hearing is to visit your audiologist annually where you can have your hearing assessed by a professional.



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