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Audiology my choice

1. Why Audiology was my choice

Growing up I was always passionate about helping people improve their quality of life. From a young age I knew that I wanted to work as a health professional and help those in need with their daily difficulties. Many people don’t realize how important our hearing is until it’s damaged or even worse, lost. Unlike our vision where any difficulties are easily recognized, people with a hearing loss are often not aware they have one. Having a hearing loss is a hidden disease where symptoms are slow and gradual and can vary immensely from one person to another. I personally have a relative who started wearing hearing aids during the same year where I was choosing my courses. I witnessed the daily difficulties first hand that hearing impaired individual’s face. The difficulty hearing conversations at social gatherings and with immediate family members was a common issue which had many emotional impacts on the person suffering with a hearing loss. I attended multiple hearing appointments with my relative and had a bigger insight on what was involved with becoming hearing care professional.

2. What I know now after working in the profession

During my Masters degree and especially after I started working in the hearing aid industry, I discovered that being a hearing care professional is so much more than just fitting and prescribing hearing aids. I learned that having a hearing loss can be a risk factor for developing dementia and most importantly what us hearing professionals can do to help reduce that risk. I had a better understanding of why ringing in the ears occurs and I was very surprised as to how common and debilitating it can be for some clients. Learning about the different habituation techniques that we can do to help manage this ringing motivated me to start working and educate my clients with this information. The biggest learning curve which I was not aware of prior to starting my course and entering the workforce was the different hearing aid brands and levels of technology available. Hearing aids are not universal and are definitely not a one size fits all! Each brand has its unique feature which allows us hearing care specialists to tailor your hearing needs specifically for you.

3. Challenges in Audiology

There are some challenges to becoming an audiologist especially during your internship year. Trying to learn about all the different hearing aid brands and features is one of the challenging things about becoming an audiologist. Becoming familiar with all the different methods for connecting hearing aids to the computer software is difficult at first, however with practice and experience these things do get easier. Another challenging thing in the audiology profession is dealing with patients in denial of their hearing loss. This can take a long time and our role as hearing care professionals is really important to educate the patient on the benefits of managing their hearing loss and to also guide them along their journey.

4. Why Audiology is a rewarding Career

The successful hearing aid outcome many users achieve is the most rewarding part of our job. Making a difference in someone’s life by improving their hearing, allowing them to connect with their surroundings and giving them back their confidence is what makes our role as hearing care professionals really worth it!

5. Benefits of working for an independent company

There are many benefits to working for an independent company. Firstly as a new intern you are very well supported during the first few months of training. You build a close relationship with your supervisors and constantly receive constructive feedback after every appointment. You also receive in house training on hearing aid repairs, troubleshooting scenarios and get exposure to all hearing aid brands.  I personally found this very beneficial as by the end of your internship year you are familiar with all brands and feel comfortable fitting any hearing aid brand to best suit your clients listening goals. The learning does not stop after you graduate from your degree, as part of training at my independent company I worked closely with my manager using evidence from the literature on ways to help me further improve my consultation skills and interaction with different types of clients.  I also conducted multiple clinical role plays with my supervisors and practiced incorporating the new skills I was taught. This helped increase my confidence and improved the flow of my appointments especially when I started to independently consult. I am very glad I started my internship year working for an independent company like Active Audiology as I have received so much support and guidance since the first day.

6. What people don’t know about audiologists

In many occasions wearing a hearing aid is not the key to happiness or the right solution for everyone. We offer so much more than just prescribe/fit hearing aids. We look at the health of the ears, the hearing organ and the movement of the eardrum. We can identify any abnormalities and recommend further investigations where required. Many people are not aware that we are also trained to safely remove wax from the ears where required. Even something as simple as counseling and having someone to talk to is a valuable thing we have to offer during our consultations and this often goes unnoticed.

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