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Manufacturer: Siemens/Signia

Model: Silk

Cost range:$1700-5795 per device


The Signia Silk is one of the world’s smallest fully-featured hearing devices. The discrete Silk sits very comfortably inside the ear canal, and is unique in that it uses a soft silicone sleeve to hold the device in your ear. This means that the ear is left more open and the sound quality is much more natural than conventional custom hard shell in-the-ear hearing devices. Signia Silk devices are great even in noisy environments because their OneMic feature allows the devices to communicate with each other and focus on the sounds you want to hear in front while suppressing undesired background noises. Another good feature of the Silk is that you can use a smartphone App to adjust the device yourself. They are also wireless compatible, so if you want to stream phone calls or connect to the television you can get extra accessories to fully connect the Silk across all listening environments.

CONS: The Signia Silk is not suitable for individuals with greater than a moderate hearing loss.

OVERALL rating (out of 5 stars):rating


Who would this be ideal for? If you are looking for a very discrete device which will help to improve clarity and reduce listening effort, the Signia Silk would be a perfect hearing device for you.

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