Oticon Ria 2

Manufacturer: Oticon

Model: Ria2 / Pro

Cost range: $995-2350 per aid*

*Eligible Pensioners and DVA Gold cardholder may receive subsidies under the Government Hearing scheme. Call Active Audiology for more information.

PROS: The Oticon Ria2 family offers high performance at an affordable cost. The hearing device provides great sound quality and the ability to pair with technology that in the past was limited to top of the range devices. The Oticon Ria2 comes in a full range of styles as pictured below, covering small invisible-in-the-canal size all the way to powerful behind-the-ear devices. All of these styles are compatible with the Oticon Connectline streamer. The Connectline Bluetooth streamer allows the hearing devices to connect to mobile phones, landline phones, TV signals and various other technologies with just the push of a button.

CONS: The Oticon Ria2 does not have some of the noise reduction features present in higher end devices, therefore it may be harder for the wearer to focus on some voices in very challenging listening environments.

OVERALL rating (out of 5 stars): 3.5/5

Device images:


What type of person would this be ideal for: The Oticon Ria2 is perfect for someone who wants advanced technology that is affordable. If you are someone who has difficulties in small groups and with the television, the Ria2 will definitely make listening less exhausting.

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