Phonak Audeo V

Manufacturer: Phonak

Model: Audeo V

Cost range: $1695-5595 per aid*

*Eligible Pensioners and DVA Gold cardholders may receive subsidies under the Government Hearing scheme. Call Active Audiology for more information

PROS: The Phonak Audeo V allows for comfortable and effortless listening even in meetings and group situations. The device comes in a range of styles to suit different preferences and all sit comfortably and discretely behind the ear. The Phonak Audeo V uses the unique Phonak Binaural VoiceStream Technology enabling two Audeo V hearing aids to send information to each other. This gives better speech understanding in challenging listening environments such as noisy restaurants. Another advantage of the Phonak Audeo V is its compatibility to the EasyCall II. This simple device sticks to the back of your mobile phone and allows streaming of phone calls into both hearing devices effortlessly.

OVERALL rating (out of 5 stars): 4.5/5

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What type of person would this be ideal for: The Phonak Audeo V is perfect for people who find group discussions or phone calls a little hard to follow. If you have found restaurant dinners frustrating, this aid would definitely ease the frustration and help improve conversation.

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