Siemens Binax – The Discrete And Durable Pocket Rocket

Manufacturer: Siemens/Sivantos

Model: Binax

Cost range: $2550-$5495 per device*

*Eligible Pensioners and DVA Gold cardholders may receive subsidies under the Government Hearing scheme. Call Active Audiology for more information

PROS: Two independent studies showed that the Siemens Binax gives hearing aid wearers better speech understanding in a cocktail party environment than listeners with normal hearing!* The Siemens Binax technology comes in a full range of styles from tiny custom made devices to sleek receiver in the ear designs. There are also a wide range of phone apps and accessories that work with the Siemens Binax. The biggest advantage of Binax in a nutshell is great speech clarity and comfort in background noise no matter what the style of hearing aid.
CONS: Although the technology is available in the mid price range, there are no models that are truly low budget in the family.
OVERALL rating (out of 5 stars): 5/5


What type of person would this be ideal for: The Siemens Binax family of hearing aids are suitable for any type of hearing aid user. There are a full suite of options. If you are in social situations or bothered by background noise, the Siemens Binax will be fantastic for you.

*Two clinical studies have shown that binax provides better than normal hearing in certain demanding environments (University of Northern Colorado, 2014; Oldenburg Hörzentrum, 2013): Speech Reception Thresholds (SRT) in cocktail-party situations improved up to 2.9 dB for wearers with mild to moderate hearing loss using Carat binax or Pure binax hearing aids with narrow directionality, compared to people with normal hearing.


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