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Hearing Services – We Treasure Your Hearing

Aimed to bring new meaning to aural care and effective hearing services, at Active Audiology, we offer world-class Australian hearing services. Quality hearing services will identify the exact magnitude of hearing loss and then suggest best possible hearing aids. Here, we understand that hearing problems vary from one individual to another. Therefore, when it comes to offering hearing services, we offer a gold standard. Apart from thoroughness, we also offer tailored treatment choices and ensure patient education.

Right from adult hearing tests to children’s assessment, we will conduct them all. Our range of quality hearing services are not only tailored but are also affordable. Besides, we also offer custom-made hearing aids, such as customised ear plugs for musicians, swimmers as well those that reduce any excess background noise.

Assessments for Children

Effects of hearing impairments in children is much different from that on adults. This is because children depend a lot on hearing for their overall learning as well as in developing superior communication skills. Therefore, we offer bespoke hearing assessments for kids to determine the exact degree of hearing loos in them. We conduct hearing assessments for kids between the age group of 4 to 18 years. Besides, we will also compile a detailed report on your child’s hearing results, which can then be used by you to provide them at the school or at the specialists.

Employment and Industry Specific Assessments

Some industry sectors demand pre-employment hearing assessments. Therefore, we conduct hearing tests and assessments that are a part of employment for various industry sectors such as Aviation, Police Force and many more. These tests typically take around 30 minutes and will be conducted by an audiologist. The required forms of employment assessment will then be completed. In this way we cater to industrial deafness as well as industrial hearing loss instances.

Approved WorkSafe Provider

A free hearing assessment can be of great benefits if your are experiencing hearing loss and are working in a noisy environment like construction, transport or manufacturing industries. Being a WorkSafe provider, our audiologists will be able to tell you whether you will be entitled for receiving any hearing aids under the WorkSafe at absolutely no costs or be eligible for claiming hearing loss compensations.

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